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If you want to book a mastering session please send me your music via email or my wetransfer.
I will find the soonest date for you
and help with questions regarding billing and institutional funding.
Once you have a booking I like to listen early and give mix feedback.
In my experience this is a lot of fun and I can understand your music and sound right away.
If you have a tight deadline
please contact me now so we can save a time slot for your record. PLEASE NOTE:
I am a one person show and
can sometimes not answer
on the same day / next day or
on the weekend due to sessions or family & private life.
I master fully analog from the mix and take care not just EQ over your limited files and run...
I need a healthy balance to
be at my best for you so please understand if I have to decline sessions or very rarely slightly postpone a mastering date … Thank you - Let's make your music sound the best it can!
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